Data Dynamics offers free of charge, no strings attached, IT Security Assessments!

To Qualify:

The company must have at least ten (10) PCs (laptops or desktops) in their office.

What to Expect:

Part of the assessment includes deploying our software agents that will collect information on the company’s network, IT assets, and will look for vulnerabilities. All the information collected will then be presented in a report. The information collected will be kept confidential and destroyed within 4 weeks.


  • How well is your current IT Department performing?
  • What will happen to your business in case disaster strikes?
  • Are you well guarded against cyber threats?
  • How does your IT Spend compare to your peer group?

All qualified inquiries are welcome!


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Our complimentary assessment is currently limited to firms with 10 or more computers operating in the St. Louis and St. Charles metropolitan areas.