Service Brochures

IT Infrastructure Services

Under Infrastructure Service offering, we take care of clients’ digital assets and keep their business functioning optimally. Its includes, PCs, servers, smart phones, tablets, network, emails, disaster recovery. Also included are Cloud Computing services (example Cloud Servers), Exchange Hosting , and Cybersecurity Services.

Application Services

As part of our Application Services, we build custom software solutions for our clients, and maintain existing software applications for them at extremely cost-effective rates. The maintenance typically includes working with the customer to triage requirements and regularly scheduled releases that contain bug fixes and enhancements. Our domain expertise spans client server architecture, web applications, SaaS (software as a Service), and mobile computing platforms such as iOS and Android devices.

CIO Services

Our CIO Services include strategic level consulting services as contract CIO (Chief Information Officer) or CTO (Chief Tehnology Officer) to mid-market clients. We work with C-level executives to become their trusted technology advisor and partner. We bring both business acumen and technology experience to the table while working with our clients on their strategic objectives. Whether it is developing your technology strategy or a product roadmap, you can count on us to be your most trusted technology partner to deliver the right solution that is customized for your business

Other Brochures

Exchange Hosting

We offer Exchange hosting as part of our Infrastructure Services . Exchange offers many productivity benefits over regular POP mail such as syncing between various devices, calendar sharing just to name a few. However, implementing Exchange -in-house is an expensive and time consuming task. When clients sign up with us, the implemention is seamless, and they have access to Exchange in about 24 hours.

Security Risk Assessment

Our niche service specifically tailored for healthcare customers dealing in electronic PHI (protected health information) that want to be in compliance with HIPAA Security Rule: 45 CFR 164.308. This rule requires healthcare organizations to conduct an assessment on the measures in place for the security and protection of patient information. Our assessment is typically 2-3 days in duration at the end of which clients receive repot on assessment which documents security vulnerabilities. As a follow up, we then work with our clients to address and mitigate vulnerabilities discovered during the assessment.