Work From Home Survey Result

We conducted a survey of remote workers to learn about the challenges and opportunities that remote work offers to both employees and employers.  In this paper we discuss the results of our survey at a high-level and provide recommendations to employers based on our analysis that can make remote work more effective for both companies and their staff.


Under Attack: The Global Year in Breach

The news regarding cybersecurity did not get better in 2019. Ransomware, DDoS, and Phishing attacks all saw an uptick last year. As companies in every sector rushed to reap the benefits of digital transformation, they also opened themselves up to increased levels of risk. Small and Medium-sized businesses along with educational institutions and local governments remained soft targets for attackers. This paper discusses the rapidly evolving threat landscape in 2019 across 4 major geographic regions, the US, Canada, Europe, and Australia/New Zealand.

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Outsourcing IT

The reason for IT outsourcing is no different than outsourcing another business function such as accounting or legal. That is outsourcing allows business executives to focus on the core of the business which has much greater returns for the time invested by them as opposed to managing supporting business functions, which can be more effectively performed by a third party that specializes in it.  This paper explores the economics of IT outsourcing, discusses the benefits of IT outsourcing as well as arguments against it.


Software as a Service

SaaS (or Software as a Service) is considered one of the classical delivery models in the world of Cloud Computing.  We argue that the term may be new, but the concept is not.  However, when combined with other delivery models of Cloud Computing, especially IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service), SaaS opens new opportunities for businesses by lowering barriers to entry even further.  This paper explores the world of SaaS, compares it to the traditional model of software delivery, explores its advantages and disadvantages.  The paper further offers non-technical decision-makers a framework for decision making when presented with a choice between the traditional model and SaaS.


Business Continuity

The concept of DR (disaster recovery) has been around for quite some time, and many business executives have heard ad nauseum from their IT providers to always plan for DR.  However, quite often the high price tag itself creates a deterrence for proper implementation of DR measures.  This paper explores how the concept of DR has evolved into a more holistic concept of business continuity which encompasses all the DR principles, in addition to disaster prevention measures and redundancy which makes IT systems more fault-tolerant and in most cases allow business operations to continue in case of a catastrophic event all the while system is repaired, Additionally, it discusses the cost side and how much a business should be willing to invest in DR.


Introduction to Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing is increasingly gaining popularity.  It, however, remains a mystery to most business people who may not fully understand its implications for their business. This white paper introduces a non-technical reader to the concept of Cloud Computing, discusses the most common delivery and deployment models and also where this technology is headed.


Mobile Computing

The demand for mobile apps is expected to rise exponentially as smartphones and tablets find deeper penetration in markets such as the US and Europe but also in emerging markets.  This white paper introduces the reader to the world of mobile computing, explores the current market and discusses its future.

Mobile Computing