Our solutions offerings are diverse

Solution Offering Industry Sector
Small-Medium Large Business Government
Web Development
Infrastructure Services
Systems Development
Project Management
Staff Augmentation
Business Consulting



Businesses with revenues under $100 million.

Large Business:

Revenues greater than $100 million.

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IT infrastructure is the backbone of every business. However, opportunity cost associated with the business owner chasing IT related issues can be huge for the business!

IT Services

At Data Dynamics we specialize in the following areas of IT related services:

  • IT/Cybersecurity Services
  • Cloud Infrastructure (IaaS) at AWS, Azure, Data Dynamics, or any other cloud provider.
  • Database Administration: Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL
  • Server Administration: Windows, Unix, Linux, backup and disaster recovery, etc.
  • Network Administration: routers, firewalls, etc.
  • Desktop Services: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 10 backup and disaster recovery, antivirus, antispam, etc.
Complimentary IT Security Assessment

Do you know if you are following IT best practices? Do you have security vulnerabilities that can be exploited? What will happen to your business if disaster strikes? Is your IT spend in line with your peer group?

If you want to know answer to any of the above questions, you should take our complimentary IT Security Assessment.


Our Application Services consists of the following services:

  • Custom Software Development
  • Business Intelligence
  • Mobile Computing Solutions (Windows, Apple, and Android platforms)
  • Systems Integration
  • Application Maintenance
  • Cloud Migration /Hosting
  • Staff Augmentation


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Are you looking for a Strategic Technology Partner?

Our CIO services are designed for many mid-sized organizations that may not have a full-tme CIO on staff, but have a need to partner with an organization that can work with c-level executives of the firm and deliver such services on demand.

We bring a strong combination of technical skills and deep understanding of business to our clients to help them reduce costs and grow their revenues. And we deliver these strategic services at a fraction of the cost of a full-time CIO or CTO.

Services we offer

Business-IT Strategy Alignment

Everyone knows the importance of a well written business plan.  But even more important is the implementation of the plan.  Many implementations fail or fail to deliver the right result simply because the business plan lacked the technology component or the technology component was not properly aligned with the business plan. This is where our expertise comes in.  We evaluate your business plan and then determine how to develop a robust technology plan that aligns properly with your business plan.  This may include several factors some of which may include organization design, resource planning, training, technology budget, and investment in key technology components.


IoT Solutions

With an estimated 30 billion devices to be connected by 2020, IoT platforms offers firms a unique opportunity to gain granular level visibility into their processes and make real-time decisions that could positively impact the bottom line. We at Data Dynamics, with our combined infrastructure and software development capabilities, are in a strong position to develop, deploy, and manage your IoT platforms. Click here to learn more about our IoT Solutions and what we have to offer to your organization.

Hosting Services

We use our data center to take our Infrastructure Services clients’ in-house servers to the cloud. Many of our Application Services customers also utilize our data center where we host their SaaS applications for them. Our data center operation, being a cost center, allows us to offer such hosting services to our customers at extremely competitive prices. Our fully managed Linux and Windows VMs (virtual machines) often cost about 35-40% less than that of hosting companies that sell primarily hosting services. All of our VMs are fully backed up (both locally and offsite) using enterprise Veeam software that allows for RTO (recovery time objective) in as little as 30 minutes from local backups.

Integration Services

Our expertise spanning both IT infrastructure and software programming allows us to be in a unique position to offer integration services to our customers.  Integration services typically require expertise in both the domains, and many of our competitors, offering one type of service, are not in a position to handle the complexities of such an undertaking.

One example of integration services is that of server migration and consolidation.  Nowadays many firms are moving from multiple physical server environment to a more consolidated virtual environment in a public or private cloud.  Such type of migration can only be handled by a company like Data Dynamics that not only knows how to work with both physical and virtual environments, but also knows how to migrate websites and software applications from one environment to the other and making making right coding changes to them. Client for such a service can rely on Data Dynamics as a one stop shop as opposed to going to two different vendors and trying to coordinate the project between the two.

Project Management

When employing our services, our clients benefit from the wealth of our experience in managing complex multi-million dollar programs and projects.  We bring over 10 years of experience in managing both IT infrastructure and development projects utilizing various technologies including C++, .NET, and Java.

At Data Dynamics, project management is a lot more than developing work packages, maintaining schedules and timelines, and managing resource allocation using a software tool like Microsoft Project.  It is about:

  • Leadership – Earning respect of team members, leading by example, and developing excellent team dynamics.
  • Vision – Clearly defined business objectives and end-game.
  • Motivation – Keeping high team morale throughout the project and inspiring team members to take on additional responsibilities.
  • Communication – Frequent meetings with team members, weekly written and verbal updates to all stakeholders.
  • Expectations – Setting and managing clear expectations with team members and all stakeholders and ensuring delivery of business objectives.
  • Risk Mitigation – Identification of all issues and risks throughout the project and implementation of risk mitigation strategies.
  • Consensus Building – Working with team members, executives, cross functional teams, and other stakeholders, and driving important decisions.
  • Measurements – Weekly collection and analysis of metrics and analysis of true progress with projections of schedule and cost.