Data Dynamics Becomes Fortinet Partner

Data Dynamics is proud to announce its new partnership with Fortinet, a provider of networking solutions. Fortinet is a formidable player in the market that offers cost effective alternative to Cisco products in the SMB market. “We are very excited about our new partnership with Fortinet that will allow us to offer a wider range of networking solutions to our clients…..” said Saeed Akbani, COO of Data Dynamics. It is worth while noting that even with this partnership, Data Dynamics continues to maintain its vendor independence approach that allows it to pick and implement the best solution available in the market for its customers.

Data Dynamics Announces Partnership with ID Agent

Data Dynamics recently added a new partner, ID Agent, to its portfolio of partners. ID Agent, a Kaseya company, specializes in dark web monitoring and email phishing campaigns. Through its new partnership, Data Dynamics can now scan and monitor its clients data that may get stolen and appear on the dark web for sale. “This service offering adds new dimension to our IT security offerings for our clients by allowing us to proactively scan the dark web and alert them in case of any breach so that they can take timely preventative action before any real damage is done. Additionally, through this partnership, we can run multiple campaigns of email phishing simulations to train employees of our clients in becoming better at identifying phishing emails and avoid becoming victims”, said Saeed Akbani, Senior VP and COO of Data Dynamics.