Integration Services

Our expertise spanning both IT infrastructure and software programming allows us to be in a unique position to offer integration services to our customers.  Integration services typically require expertise in both the domains, and many of our competitiors, offering one type of service, are not in a position to handle the complexities of such an undertaking.

One example of integration services is that of server migration and consolidation.  Now adays many firms are moving from multiple physical server environment to a more consoidated virtual environment in a public or private cloud.  Such type of migration can only be handled by a company like Data Dynamics that not only knows how to work with both physical and virtual envionments, but also knows how to migrate websites and software applications from one envionment to the other and making making right coding changes to them. Client for such a service can rely on Data Dynamics as a one stop shop as opposed to going to two different vendors and trying to coordinate the project between the two.

Project Management

When employing our services, our clients benefit from the wealth of our experience in managing complex multi-million dollar programs and projects.  We bring over 10 years of experience in managing both IT infrastructure and development projects utilizing various technologies including C++, .NET, and Java.

At Data Dynamics, project management is a lot more than developing work packages, maintaining schedules and timelines, and managing resource allocation using a sofftware tool like Microsoft Project.  It is about:

  • Leadership – Earning respect of team members, leading by example, and developing excellent team dynamics.
  • Vision – Clearly defined business objectives and end-game.
  • Motivation – Keeping high team morale throughout the project and inspiring team members to take on additional responsibilities.
  • Communication – Frequent meetings with team members, weekly written and verbal updates to all stakeholders.
  • Expectations – Setting and managing clear expectations with team members and all stakeholders and ensuring delivery of business objectives.
  • Risk Mitigation – Identification of all issues and risks throughout the project and implemention of risk mitigation strategies.
  • Consensus Building – Working with team members, executives, cross functional teams, and other stakeholders, and driving important decisions.
  • Measurements – Weekly collection and analysis of metrics and analysis of true progress with projections of schedule and cost.

Process Frameworks

Our engineers work with clients in setting up processes for better management of software lifecycle.  Some of the frameworks include:

  • Project Governance – Process for driving high-level decisions and ensuring alignment of project deliverable and business objectives.
  • Change Management – Mechanism to manage scope creep and strike proper balance between implementing critical changes and delivery schedule.
  • Defect Management – Mechanism to track defects and prioritize them minimizing their impact to product quality and project schedule.
  • Release Management – Mechanism to ensure quality and inclusion of all business and technical requirements identified as targets.
  • Budget Management – Mechanism to track budget and cash burn-rate throughout the life-cycle of the project and remedy problems early on.
  • Quality Assurance – Process that includes several cycles of testing and verification of requirements to ensure delivery of quality product to the customer.
  • Project Communication – Development and implementation of a well orchestrated plan to raise awareness with stakeholders across the enterprise, including suppliers, executives, sales, marketing, and customers.
  • Executive Briefings – Framework designed for brief, but high impact and high visibility briefings that provide just the necessary information for executives to make key decisions impacting the project.


At Data Dynamics, we bring many years of experience managing projects using different methodologies, some of which inlcude:

  • Waterfall
  • Agile/Iterative
  • Earned Value

Our vast experience enables us to employ various methodologies best suited for your culture and business environment.

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