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Our CIO services are designed for many mid-sized organizations that may not have a full-time CIO on staff but have a need to partner with an organization that can work with c-level executives of the firm and delivers such services on demand.

We bring a strong combination of strong technical skills and a deep understanding of business to our clients to help them reduce costs and grow their revenues. And we deliver these strategic services at a fraction of the cost of a full-time CIO or CTO.

Services we offer

Business-IT Strategy Alignment

Everyone knows the importance of a well-written business plan. But even more important is the implementation of the plan. Many implementations fail or fail to deliver the right result simply because the business plan lacked the technology component or the technology component was not properly aligned with the business plan. This is where our expertise comes in. Through IT managed services, We evaluate your business plan and then determine how to develop a robust technology plan that aligns properly with your business plan.  This may include several factors some of which may include organization design, resource planning, training, technology budget, and investment in key technology components.

Technology Strategy and Planning

Technology strategy and planning is just an extension of the business strategy and plan. A well written and articulated technology plan guides employees to its proper execution. We at Data Dynamics work with our customers to develop a technology plan that aligns properly with the business strategy of the company. Our technology plan incorporates organizational strategy, resource planning, budgeting, and key technology investments to help the company grow while keeping costs low.

Technology Assessment and Due Diligence

Looking to buy a firm? Looking to sell your company? It does not matter which side of the transaction you are on. You must have an independent 3rd party perform technology due diligence well before the transaction. As a seller, an assessment by an independent consultant, like us, will allow you to discover deficiencies and address them before the sale allowing you to reap maximum price for your firm. Everything else equal, a technologically buttoned up firm will always command a higher multiple than the one which is not. As a buyer, the last thing you want is to buy a firm at a price just based on financial due diligence and then discover the costly integration and upgrades which you must undertake or the cybersecurity risk which was not considered in the sale price, but which you must now mitigate.

Our technology due diligence covers many different aspects including, but not limited to: IT spend analysis, organizational structure, processes, extent of digital transformation, sales, marketing, operations, HR, cloud presence, cybersecurity posture, business continuity, disaster preparedness, post-merger integration, etc. We can do a general technology assessment or custom design an engagement to provide analysis and specific insights that client may be seeking as per their requirement.

Software Product Planning

Have you experienced cost overruns? Does your team consistently fail to deliver on time?  Do your customers complain about poor product design and quality issues?  Do you feel your execution team does not understand the market and fails to execute corporate vision?  If you answer yes to any of these questions, then your team could benefit from Data Dynamics developing a product plan that defines the roadmap with proper milestones and articulating it across the company.  Most projects fail because of a lack of consistent vision across the firm.  A roadmap that clearly defines the strategic objectives and the tactical steps to get there may be just what your team needs, and you can rely on the Data Dynamics team to do just that for you.

Vendor Selection and Management

Companies must take vendor selection seriously, especially, for technologies, products, and services that are critical to a firm’s operations.  We bring our years of experience in IT to develop a selection process that is custom-tailored for your business and the technology for which you are seeking a vendor. We use this framework to evaluate vendors and develop our final recommendation.

We also help our clients with managing their vendors on a regular basis, so that they can focus on their business operations.

Vision and Architecture

The famous saying: “If you don’t know where you are going, you will probably end up somewhere else” holds true in the information technology world also.  No matter how technically competent an execution team, it will fail to deliver if the leadership has not developed and communicated its vision clearly to its people.  We at Data Dynamics work with client executives to develop a vision for the product and then translate that into a conceptual architecture with important details that can be communicated to the execution team(s) across the firm. The vision and conceptual architecture then serve as a guideline for all future development and implementation activities until the strategic goals are achieved.

Technology Evaluation

In today’s world companies are faced with a choice of more than one technology for accomplishing the same business objectives, such as developing a software product offering. Quite often, the choice of technology becomes dependent on what the technical team is familiar with. Because the choice of technology has business implications, it is always better to go through an objective evaluation process first.  We at Data Dynamics, using our many years of IT managed services, business, and technology expertise, help our clients through this by developing a customized framework and then using the framework to evaluate competing technologies for our customers.

Program, Project Management and Governance

How do you measure the performance of your projects?  How do you manage cost, schedule, scope, and quality?  How do you manage and mitigate risks throughout the project lifecycle?  How do you communicate with and manage expectations of stakeholders across the firm?  How effectively do you estimate projects?  Do you have an effective change control board? How do you prioritize and triage defects?  Data Dynamics can help you address all these questions be developing effective project management customized for your firm. In addition, Data Dynamics can also develop a Governance structure made up of key stakeholders across your firm that can ensure accountability and alignment with the firm’s business objectives.

Customized Software Development Framework

The two most popular frameworks for software development are Waterfall and Agile, with the latter recently acquiring a lot of popularity in web development projects.  No matter which framework is utilized, the fact is that no two companies utilize a framework in exactly the same manner.  Team size, company culture, industry regulations, etc. are some factors that play a role in a software development framework being customized for each company. We at Data Dynamics can help your firm customize a framework that is effective for your environment and one that allows your team to function like a well-oiled machine producing quality deliverables on time and within budget.

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