Our services extend beyond web designing and development!

We are not just a company that offers web design, e-commerce, and web integration solutions. As partners to our clients, we offer a whole array of online strategies to help them grow and dominate their industry

It is only after understanding our clients’ business model, business goals, and industry landscape, do we devise and implement a comprehensive online strategy that will create a competitive advantage for the client. We develop and deploy applications for clients using SaaS (Software as a Service) model so that clients have the option of not just using it for their internal use, but add to their revenue stream through “renting” the use of the application to other firms, using the utility approach. We also develop apps for smartphones and tablets on a variety of platforms such as Android, Blackberry, and iPhone.

Basic Guiding Principles

No matter what strategies we employ, our basic guiding principles for every solution remains the same, which are:


  • Must be taken into account at the design/architecture stage.
  • Must be thoroughly tested at all levels.


  • Given the limitation of hardware, the product must give optimized for end-to-end performance.


  • Time tested design patterns must be incorporated to make the system secure (e.g. SQL injection proof).
  • System must comply with a given industry standards for privacy and protection of data (e.g. HIPAA, PCI, etc.)


  • Product should be able to handle exponential growth in users.
  • Once developed, additional users can be accommodated through hardware scaling.


  • The user interface must be responsive.
  • The user interface must be intuitive and allows users to accomplish tasks with least amount of clicks.


  • Proper artifacts must be generated.
  • Code developed must be easy to follow by new programmers.


  • Code base should be easy to port from one platform to another.

It is these time tested guiding principles that allow us to deliver quality solutions that meet or beat SLA requirements and deliver the highest ROI possible for our customers’ investment.