Data Dynamics is amazingly responsive, and they go above and beyond the call of duty to take care of our needs. Once we had an urgent issue with a laptop at the end of a work week. Our office is 70 miles from their office. Their engineer met us in a parking lot on Friday evening to take the machine home over the weekend. He then met us again the next day, half way, to deliver the finished product This laptop was back up and running on Monday, and we did not lose any productivity. I have never worked with an IT firm that is as responsive as Data Dynamics.
They setup VPN allowing us to access our files on the server remotely and stay productive while we regularly travel to different sites on a regular basis. Additionally, knowing our server is backed up to the cloud provides additional peace of mind.
Data Dynamics is also competitive from a cost standpoint. I feel that they try to provide the best pricing, across the board. From equipment to service, their pricing is fair and beats most around. Tie in their second to none customer service, it is a no-brainer in my opinion

Justin DuncanAdministrator (Chief) Washington County Ambulance District

Data Dynamics offshore team built our flagship app on both iOS and Android platforms 2 years ago, and they have been supporting us ever since. The most impressive thing about Data Dynamics is the way they handle communication with our local team, which includes emails, Assembla tickets, and weekly conference calls that ensures nothing falls through the cracks. They are also very transparent in their billing, before each major deliverable, they provide a detailed estimate and then stick to it.  Dealing with Data Dynamics team has been a very positive experience for us and we look forward to expanding our relationship with them going forward.

Edward Ackad, Ph.DFoster Learning LLC

Data Dynamics created and maintains our “custom” built server which stores sensitive information for our accounting and tax clients. With 2 offices in 2 cities and clients all over the nation, this is extremely important and beneficial for our firm. They also stay proactive to new security measures and necessary needs for our business and for our clients. Compared to other IT companies, hands down, this has been the longest lasting and beneficial relationship in history for us, of which others don’t compare. I highly recommend considering Data Dynamic’s team and solutions if you are in the market for an IT company!

Lisa CotnerCEO B2

The most valuable aspect of our relationship with Data Dynamics is that it serves as a one stop shop for us. They manage our locally hosted technology environment and also provide us with affordable off-shore development resources, a valuable combination we found missing in other IT partners.
When we first started working with them, Data Dynamics inherited a solution from our firm’s original development partner. Challenging as that situation was, their developers, working on our platform, never complained about the inherited code issues and development styles and techniques. They, instead, got straight to the business and helped us launch our product in the market. We really valued their work ethic.
I would advise any firm looking to use Data Dynamics to look no further. Start with sharing as much of your existing code base as you’re comfortable with, and give Data Dynamics just a few days to digest and assess it. Then schedule a session with their team to solicit feedback, recommendations, or just ask questions. You will be impressed their insightful comments, analysis, incisive questions, and deep technical knowledge.

Ben AprilCEO Video Verification Services

I first reached out to Data Dynamics back in February of 2012, when our flagship product, NarrativePRO, had stopped working all of a sudden and we were getting a flood of calls from our clients, who were unable to use our product. Their software developers had never seen or heard about our product before, but they dove right in, identified the issue and fixed it within 24 hours. Since then they have taken care of our software development and maintenance needs. Before the start of any major phase, they share with us a breakdown of estimates, which they never exceed. Besides their honesty, I also appreciate their communications skills and their overall knowledge and expertise in software as a service (SaaS). Throughout the past 8 months I have also been able to count on their advice to build and manage our product roadmap along with keeping development costs under control.

Philip D. GogginPresident/CEO NarrativePRO

“We have been customers of Data Dynamics since January of 2015. We have found them to be a professionally run organization that gets the job done. We first used Data Dynamics on project basis. After we observed their work, we decided to hire them on a retainer (managed services). When implementing projects for us, they always kept to the estimates they provided us before the start of the project. We have been using their managed services for the past 3 months. During this time, they have set us up in their ticketing system, added cloud back for disaster recovery of our server, taken ownership of dealing with our phone vendor, and streamlined on-boarding of new employees in so far as IT Services are concerned.”

Naeem BariCTO Agilis Systems

Data Dynamics architect who works with our team is a very intelligent and experienced IT professional who understands latest online tools and methodologies and how to use them to produce quality work products. The code which Data Dynamics works on related to tickets assigned to them are put in our test environment, during our internal testing, we very seldom find any issues. Tickets are closed in a reasonable time and we are very impressed with Data Dynamics ability to provide valuable service at a very attractive price point. Data Dynamics is responsive to our needs and easy to communicate with. It is an overall positive experience.

Jun FabellaCTO Dynalabs

We are excited to have Data Dynamics as our partner in software development. Their team of very knowledgeable and talented architects and developers have been working with us diligently to develop our product for over a year. I appreciate their transparent and methodical approach to software development, from scope identification to coding, testing and deployment. Because of their hard work and our excellent team dynamics, we have been able to bring our product from concept to market in less than a year.

Margalit Gur-ArieFounding Partner Bizmed Toolbox

We were working with another vendor to develop our software product but were not able to get the desired results. When we hired Data Dynamics to replace that vendor, they were able to understand our business objectives right away and developed a SaaS product for us which we were able to take to the market. Data Dynamics understands how to develop software and their resources know how to ask the right questions, know when to give pushbacks, alert us of pitfalls that may lie ahead. They do an excellent job of identifying, prioritizing, and tracking defects, change requests, and enhancement requests. Data Dynamics manage schedules effectively. They typically provide tentative timelines in each SOW and then stick to it. Overall Data Dynamics is a very reliable organization. They bring a very professional and mature approach to the table that includes responsiveness, timely communication, predictability as key components into customer relationship. They know how to handle changing directions, while remain focused on the end goal.

Laura HopkinsVid Verify

We have been very pleased in our relationship with Data Dynamics. Their prices are reasonable, and we feel they provide a good value. Their staff displays dedication and a level of professionalism in their approach, which distinguishes them from the rest of the pack.

Steve BaumPresident/CEO Print-Flex Graphics

They redesigned portions of our IT system that has resulted in lower cost and increase robustness. They provided us with main and backup domain controllers and set up redundancies on files servers between local and cloud servers thus turning them into HA (high availability) and immune to failures.
We have been very pleased with the overall quality of service they have provided us. They proposed savings of at least 40% on our IT expenditure in their proposal, and we have realized more than 40% savings.

Lew LeveyPresident/CEO Computime