offshore development company in USA

At Data Dynamics our strength in offshore development lies in our business model which consists of certain key competencies, that allow for very efficient and most cost effective delivery mechanism. In our world cost effectiveness simply means lower cost without compromising quality.

Key Competencies and Quality Principles

The success of a project is measured by being on time, within budget, and having a product that actually works and addresses the needs of the market as envisioned by its architect. Having a competent team and a well-established communication mechanism between stakeholders together hold the key to success for a software development project. All other structures, such as project governance, CCB (change control board), defect triage, source code control, ticketing system, software versioning, etc. are all designed to address one aspect from different angles, which is communication. Besides having all the standard structures in place, our offshore delivery model is enshrined in the following core competencies:

  • Experienced Offshore Architects:

    Our architects all have more than ten (10) years of software development experience with advanced degrees in Computer Science or equivalent. Keeping our architects in close proximity to the developers and testers ensures quality of deliverables while keeping the overall cost of delivery reasonable.


  • Maintaining Overlapping Hours with Customers:

    Our offshore architects maintain overlapping hours with our customers. They are typically available till 2:00 pm CT and can communicate via emails, texting, and phone with the customers.


  • Excellent Communication Skills:

    All of our resources, especially architects speak English very clearly. We have received many compliments from our customers who were pleasantly surprised at the ease with which they were able to communicate with our architects the first time.

So whether you need an application that needs to be maintained or a software product built from ground up, you can count on Data Dynamics offshore model to deliver at the most reasonable price possible.

  • Minimal Onshore Footprint

    Close proximity of our architects and PMs to developers and testers means better oversight resulting in a better quality work product. Also reduces cost for the client.


  • Focus on Product Design:

    Client puts his/her time to better use by not having to worry about managing resources and dealing with turnovers and losing tribal knowledge


  • Team Approach:

    With a need for just one person per month, the most a client can hire is one person in-house. With the same small requirement, we provide a team of 3 different resources, an architect (10%), a developer (60%), and a QA (30%). With 3 different resources involved, output is generally going to be better than just one person working on it


  • Redundancy:

    With just one internal person, customer faces a single point of failure. With us, not only you get a team to work on your project, but you also get backups. For an architect, there is a backup architect, for a developer, there is a backup developer, for tester, it’s the same. So your work never stops


  • Fractional Resources:

    Generally you can acquire in-house resources in whole numbers only. It’s very difficult to find a quality resource who would work for you part-time. With us, you can go with as little as 0.5 person-per month (10 days/Mo) to as high as you want, and we welcome fractions!


  • Elasticity:

    Increase and decrease your team size based on your need. With in-house resources, it’s not as easy. Increasing your team size takes time and is costly, and for short duration (3-6 months), it’s even more difficult as people want stability in life. Reducing your team size can have a demoralizing effect on the remaining team members.


  • Intellectual Property Protection:

    With Data Dynamics, the buck stops here. We are a US firm registered in the State of Missouri, and carry all the necessary insurance to guarantee protection of clients’ IP and business ideas.