IT Managed Services in USA

IT Managed Services is more than just providing IT labor hours in a typical tiered (tier1, tier-2, tier-3) arrangement for IT Services such as help desk and other projects as they arise.

As an MSP (Managed Services Provider), we assume full responsibility for clients’ information technology needs. A good MSP arrangement minimizes our client’s opportunity cost by allowing the client to focus on growing their business, and, therefore, capturing the greatest value from IT outsourcing.

While there are many services that can be purchased ala carte, in a Managed Services arrangement, we recommend customers to consider the following minimum:

  • Break-fix
  • Antivirus
  • Hosted Email
  • BDR (Backup and Disaster Recovery)
  • Active Server Monitoring

Services Available Under MSP


This is the bare minimum requirement for an MSP arrangement. It is a retainer model under which a client pays a certain fee each month for a fixed number of hours which they get for remote and onsite support. Client, when needing a service opens a ticket and the available technician responds by addressing the customer’s issues until it is resolved and the ticket is closed.


We take ownership in deploying and managing antivirus software on all client and server machines and managing them remotely. Under our contract with our vendor, we get substantial discounts on licenses which we buy in large volumes and pass on the savings to our clients. A client no longer has to get locked in a 12-month contract with its antivirus supplier. Additionally, we keep researching better solutions, therefore, if we find a better solution in the market, we can replace the existing software with the newer one on clients’ machines without the client having to go through the trouble of doing this on their own.

Hosted Email:

Through our data center, we offer hosted email solutions consisting of:

  • Exchange
  • POP
  • iMAP

No longer does a client have to maintain an infrastructure in-house just to support email system. Our hosted email solutions are designed to provide our clients with 24×7 access to their email and syncing capability across multiple devices.

Backup and Disaster Recovery (BDR):

We take full ownership of backing up PCs and servers at both local and remote (cloud level). We work with our clients to develop a comprehensive business continuity plan to achieve RTO (recovery time objective) and RPO (recovery point objective) are met for mission critical and non-mission critical systems in case of localized events as well as large scale disasters.

Remote Device Monitoring:

The key to successfully running IT operations is to remain proactive on certain key elements of IT infrastructure, and being able to foresee issues before they become a problem. Our remote monitoring solution accomplishes just that and alerts us in case of both serious issues needing attention (such as a down machine) or a non-emergency issue (e.g. 90% disk utilization) that needs attention in the near term. Our remote monitoring solutions consist of:

  • Active Server Monitoring (any Windows server)
  • Active PC Monitoring (any Windows laptop or desktop)
  • Active Printer Management
  • Mobile Device Management (MDM)
Cloud Infrastructure:

We provide full management and monitoring of your cloud infrastructure. This includes AWS, Azure, or any other cloud provider. Besides, we also build and manage cloud servers for our customers in our own data center.

Help Desk:

We provide 8-hour, 12-hour, and 24-hour help desk services to customers who need it. The help desk is typically a tier-1 level service where customer calls are received. Helpdesk technicians will provide basic PC and email support to the callers, and more technical issues are escalated to tier-2 level.

Network Operations Control (NOC):

Data Dynamics offer 24-hour NOC to customers who require their networks to be monitored very closely.

Business Case and ROI

Developing a business case justification for Managed Services is easy. For an apples-to-apples comparison, one must compare not just explicit costs, but the full opportunity costs of in-house IT services and MSP.

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