With an estimated 30 billion devices and the global market value of IoT projected to be over $7 trillion by 2020, is your firm ready for the challenge?

Because of our combined infrastructure and software development capabilities, we are in a strong position to develop, deploy, and manage your IoT platforms. We leverage our infrastructure expertise to design and implement networks for your devices to communicate with server farms in data centers or more popular Amazon or Azure cloud. We leverage our software development expertise to develop services that collect and store data from these devices in real-time, process the data and provide visibility to the users to facilitate fact-based and real-time decision making

As simple view of IoT Solution

Specific IoT Solutions

Data Dynamics, along with its partners, has developed specific industry IoT solutions for different industries. However, our solutions are not limited to these specific industries as we can leverage building blocks of the existing solutions to rapidly develop and deploy offerings in other industries.

Real Time and Attendance Monitoring System

Employee Time-in and Time-out is recorded by small wall mounted units with biometric recognition capability. System collects the clocking in / out data directly from the biometric device and sends it via suitable transfer mechanism – WiFi, LAN, GPRS – to central software for data consolidation and processing.

Biometric Device – > Real Time Data Transfer – > Central AMS Software

View attendance data on your laptop or smart phone as the employees come in
  • Capture attendance data directly from attendance machines & send to portal in real time
  • Covers any employee anywhere
  • Start with one office and add other offices anywhere as needed
  • Attendance Data can be exported any time to any Payroll / HR Systems
  • Security features, suitable for small companies or global enterprises
  • Customized NEW reports are possible

Fuel Monitoring System

Our Fuel Monitoring System (FMS) provides for 24 x 7 surveillance 365 days a year with full data logging for one or more sites without human intervention.

  • Asset utilization and theft protection by monitoring the fuel level in real time at any fuel tank anywhere on the network
  • Consumption and Filling record for any tank anywhere
  • Immediate Responses – Alarms will be generated whenever specified high or low limits are exceeded at any tank at any location. Such Alarms can be sent by SMS or email to designated person
  • Better Management Control –Single DASHBOARD with up to the minute stock position for any tank. Can cover Dealer Tanks as well as Depot Tanks
  • Detailed historical data in electronic form – complete past records for management query or internal and other Compliance
  • Good Audit Trail = happy auditors; clean audits; Reduced insurance costs
  • Scalable solution – START SMALL — GROW IN FUTURE
    • Add more locations – Dealers as well as Depots – as your needs grow
    • Add Fuel Dispensers where needed; Marts at large Dealer outlets
    • Add Temperature and Humidity Monitoring
    • Add Fire Alarms, Security features
    • Add Gas Tanks if required in future
  • Software can be Customized if required
  • Data can be integrated with SAP or any other ERP system

FMS comprises Fuel Tank Sensors, Data Logger Hardware, and our Software. One or more Measurement Sensors are placed at specified locations on the tanks. Sensors are connected to data logger which transmits data to central FMS portal developed specifically for monitoring tanks. Authorized users access FMS and view their environment information in real time using any internet device. The solution overview is shown below in figure 1. The sensor is place at the top of the Fuel Tank and is attached to the Data logger device via sensor cable. The Data logger GSM version is shown, it communicates with FMS hosted in the cloud.

Solar Inverter Monitoring System

It is designed to achieve the following:
  • Provide the data via GPRS from remote locations even where no Wi-Fi is available.
  • Graphical reporting of inverter data
  • Query facility for management to see inverter output for a previous date, month or year
  • Capability to expand the system at a future date if necessary by adding additional inverters as required
  • The ability to aggregate outputs from multiple inverters from a given site on to a single dashboard
  • The ability to aggregate outputs from multiple sites on to a single dashboard
  • Display inverter locations on Google Maps

Allows addition of water level sensors, pump on/off sensors, utility voltage sensors, etc. for agricultural and other installations

Our Environment Management Solution gives 24 x 7 surveillance 365 days a year with full data logging and monitoring of one or more inverters without human intervention. Expansion is possible to add environment and energy parameters, power generation sets, utilities power monitoring and electrical panels, etc.

  • Better Management Control – Detailed power generation data will be available in electronic form
  • Complete past records for root cause analysis
  • Management query facility at anytime from anywhere; graphical display of data
  • Easy to use cloud-based software allows full flexibility for client users
  • Utility, and Inverter output power monitoring – identifying blackouts and brownouts
  • All parameters can be monitored from a single console
  • Energy savings, utility cost savings and reduced generator maintenance costs
  • Flexible solution – start small and add more loggers and more locations as your needs grow
  • Good Audit Trail = happy auditors; clean audits
How it Works

We provide a dedicated Data logger device that monitors the solar inverter and make this information available to end users. Monitored parameters include AC output power, Battery Charging Current, Battery voltage, etc. This information will be read, date/time stamped, and transmitted to our Inverter Monitoring Software residing on internet cloud for archival and reporting. This information is accessible to the authorized users anywhere in the world using internet connected PC, Laptop or Smart phone. History of data is maintained and management can search it to see past values and for understanding any issues at remote site. Powerful IMS software is available round the clock; it communicates with one or more Data Logger(s) and collects and processes sensor data. Data for 3 months is maintained on the cloud IMS after which it can be downloaded in XL format for integration with ERP systems.