Foster Learning

Client: Foster Learning

Task: Design and develop a system for instructors to design homework assignments, and students to download and complete assignments on their smart tablets

Platform & Technology: Windows Server 2012, SQL Server 2012, C#. Java. Objective-C

Framework: .NET, HTML5, MVC, Android SDK

Foster Learning App is a set of comprehensive tools for college professors to design assignments containing questions that require complex multi-step solutions. Using smart tablets like Android or iPad, students can download assignments available to them. The app allows students to make mistakes, and uses adaptive techniques to guide students back to the right path until the students arrives at the answer. Grading is then based on the mistakes made by the student and the mount of help that was afforded to the student in completing the assignment. The student portion of the app was designed for smart tablets, while the server portion, which also allows an instructor to design and develop an assignment, was developed in C#/.NET with SQL Server being used as data repository.