Client: Hussmann, Inc.

Task: Designed and developed database applications for the engineering team to design case, condenser, coil, and compressor for commercial contracts

Platform & Technology: Windows Server 2016, C#, Javascript, SQL Server 2014

Framework: .NET, MVC

Hussmann designs, manufactures, and installs commercial refrigeration for retailers throughout the US. Hussmann engineers were relying on disparate sources from Oracle database to Excel spreadsheets, to PDF spec sheets to collect specs and design the system. This was an effort to streamline the process by consolidating data from disparate sources into one source and provide the latest user interface for engineers to gather their data from one single source of truth. Designed and developed 3 database systems: Unit Cooler (Coil), Condenser, and Compressor. This is to be followed by the design and development of Case database also. All 4 database systems are for internal use only.